APCon – Abrasive Process Control

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With APCon, we offer you a process optimisation system with which you can monitor and control your blasting system online. In future, you will have both important key figures for consumption, and complete documentation, real time analyses and much more available at a glance. So, by continual optimisation, you can increase your productivity and make the blasting process very economical.

The APCon principle



Advantages for your blasting process

Precise monitoring of the blasting process at all times, incl. recording the data

Energy efficiency
Revealing savings potential and therefore long-term optimisation of the energy consumption

Economic viability
Optimisation of use of blasting abrasive amongst other things, for economically optimised operation of the blasting system

  • APCon - Everything at a glance

    No more performance fluctuations during blasting

    • Web-based access at any time via PC, tablet, or smartphone
    • Monitoring, control, and regulation on a single digital platform
    • Relives the strain on personnel
    • Reliable performance indicators for decision-makers Comprehensive and clear representation
  • Consistent quality during blasting

    It’s the result that counts. Parameters such as roughness depths or Almen values can be precisely documented and screening processes are entered directly into the system.

    • Reproducible blasting results
    • Consistent product quality
    • Complete documentation of the blasting process
    • Ensuring the highest surface quality
    • All relevant data can be accessed at the push of a button (e.g. for customer audits)
  • Stable blasting process

    APCon is in constant communication with the blasting silo and thus ensures optimal use of the blasting abrasive.

    • Precise replenishment of blasting abrasive
    • Automatic regulation of the fill level
    • Ensuring a stable operating mixture
    • Efficient use of blasting abrasive
  • Constant monitoring of the air separation

    Alongside the turbines, the air separation numbers among the most important components in a modern blasting system. The speed measurement of the airflow in the air separation provides precise information about the condition of the blasting abrasive mixture.

    • Real-time measurement of the extraction speed
    • Analysis of changes to the process parameters
    • Early detection of possible system faults
    • Ensuring an optimum operating mixture for a stable process
  • Blasting turbines provide feedback

    Feedback regarding any type of deviation from the target range. Necessary maintenance is indicated early and can thus be planned.

    • Full transparency regarding the actual status
    • Detection of performance losses
    • Wear minimisation and damage prevention
    • Digitised maintenance log with automatic system assessment
  • APCon can be used universally

    Retrofitting is possible on all common blasting systems without access to the system controls. Performance and characteristic data is logged directly on the system using its own sensors.

    • The basis for a sustainable TCO calculation
    • Provision of reports and forecasts based on performance indicators
    • System-wide process transparency
    • Data-oriented process optimisation
  • Smart consumption monitoring

    Automatic consumption monitoring is done via the APCon silo. This ensures intelligent replenishment through direct communication with the primary silo of the blasting system. Replenished volumes are automatically weighed and documented.

    • Intelligent replenishment for a stable process
    • Precise measurement of the blasting abrasive consumption
    • Constant fill level regulation


The successful combination

Die Erfolgskombination

Modern sensors monitor the processes of the blasting system and record numerous data

The APCon software analyses and processes the incoming data, to highlight inefficient processes and identify optimisation potential

Knowledge & service:
Thanks to years of experience, Würth recognises economic weak points and helps to evaluate the data and continually optimise the process


What our customers say about APCon

  • With APCon, we now constantly achieve the best blasting results and obtain valuable data on the economic efficiency of the process. If anything is threatening to get out of hand, we are informed in good time and can intervene immediately. Due to the now very stable blasting process, we have already been able to achieve significant saving potential in energy and blasting abrasive consumption - further savings potential through APCon have been shown via reliable data. Our system operators are also very satisfied because APCon significantly lightens their workload.

    Dr. Stephan Kölschbach Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Specialty Steel GmbH & Co. KG
  • Prozesstransparenz ist für die Lenkung eines Unternehmens äußert wichtig. Denn nur so sind die entscheidenden wirtschaftlichen Vorteile auszuschöpfen. Daher haben wir uns für APCon entschieden.

    Dipl.-Ing. Eckhard Winter, Geschäftsführung Eisengiesserei Baumgarte GmbH
  • The process transparency due to APCon also allows fault isolation in other areas of the process chain. Due to the stable blasting process, casting defects for example are easier to recognise and can be assigned more clearly.

    Malte Lüking Karl Casper GmbH & Co. KG


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